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Health Cover For A Much Larger Population

The establishment of Punjab Health Foundation is a significant initiative of this Government and a vital step to actively assist and promote the private sector in providing better, broader and gross root health cover. The Foundation will help to provide financial assistance in urban and rural areas to individual doctors, promote NGOs, encourage health institutions and allied projects for their establishment and upgrade existing facilities and inputs.

Investing in human capital through health initiatives

On the eve of its silver jubilee, PHF is planning to expand its loaning base to 45 new health entrepreneurs with a view to improving health services delivery through private sector and creating more than 100,000+ jobs in next 4-5 years.

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Frequenly Asked Questions
How can we get application forms and other requirements?
You can download application forms here.
What about project cost/quotation?
Is Government employee eligible for this loan?
What is security required against loan?
Is there any penalty on late payment?
What is penalty on mis-utilization?
How can we repay? What is the mode of repayment?
How to get Personal Guarantee?
What is a promissory note? And how to get it?
How can we repay? What is the mode of repayment?