The end to end steps for a loan application are as mentioned:

  • Get registered with PHF through website OR Application Form
  • Perform Verficaiton through E-Mail and become eligible for Loan Application.
  • Upload Scanned Dcouments, copy of bank draft / deposit slip of Application Fees (Scheme I Rs 500/-, Scheme II Rs1000/- , Scheme III Rs 2000/- )
  • Despatch certified copies of all relevant documents along with original Bank Draft / Deposit Slip on Mailing Address: Punjab Health Foundation, Poonch House, 38-Multan Road, Lahore
  • After examining the documents case will be processed for verification of experience certificates, PMDC and inspection of project
  • On receipt of recommendations from representative of Punjab Health Foundation (PHF) or DHPC after inspection of project case will be presented before the Financial and Technical Committee (F&TC) for final approval of loan
  • After approval of the loan applicant will have to provide legal documents (collateral documents) and postdated cheques according to repayment schedule
  • On clearance of the collateral documents by the legal advisor, loan will be released in single or two installments or three installments (according to case nature)